Five Reasons You Need A Used Truck For Rural Living

Many people opt for used vehicles to avoid the expense of lengthy payments, but there are other reasons to buy a used truck that have nothing to do with money. If you live in rural America, you probably already know that there are many tasks that require a truck, but pose some risks to damaging a new vehicle.  Buying a used truck for those taxing tasks means you have a truck available when you need it, without needing to worry about a few bumps and scratches. The uses for a used truck are as varied as the owners, but here are five reasons every country home needs a used truck.

1. Driving Back Roads

Many back roads in the country are still old dirt roads, and that means they pose special challenges to driving. During the winter months, they are typically snow-covered and icy, and when spring rolls around, they quickly dissolve into mud. Repeated driving on the road creates huge ruts in the mud that may remain all summer once the ruts dry.To navigate these roads, you need something besides the family car. A used pickup fits the bill. It has the weight needed to maneuver safely on ice and snow (and even has plenty of room to carry buckets of gravel for when you need a little traction). In addition, it sits higher and can travel rutted roads without the danger of damaging the underside of the car. If you travel back roads for recreation, a used truck will get you there with ease.

2. Hauling Firewood

If you still burn wood for heat in the winter, a used truck can prove invaluable for transporting wood. If you live in an area where lumbering is common, you may even be able to pick up odds and ends for free. While some lumber operations forbid gleaning leftover wood, others allow residents to clean up anything that is leftover. Check with the property owner or lumber company first to avoid unpleasant surprises. Local lumber mills often sell scrap wood to be used for kindling by the truckload. 

3. Moving Old Appliances

If you've ever seen country homes with used appliances in the backyard (or on the front lawn), you may have wondered why they didn't get rid of them. The answer is usually very simple: They don't have a truck to transport them. While most rural areas have transfer stations for large appliances or furniture, the homeowner is responsible for transporting the items to the station. With a used truck, you can transport your own old appliances to the transfer station and never have to live with an old refrigerator cluttering up your backyard again.

4. Helping Friends Move

If you have a used truck, you are likely to be very popular with anyone who needs to move from one home to another. Although it is generally possible to rent a moving truck in the country, it may require traveling to the nearest city to pick up the truck and then traveling back to return it. This can be both time-consuming and expensive. Many choose to simply load up their own vehicles and move on their own. Your truck will come in handy for helping move furniture and appliances that can't be transported by car.

5. Transporting Yard and Garden Supplies

People who live in the country typically do not have the luxury of home delivery of yard and garden supplies, and when they do, it may be cost prohibitive. That means transporting that lawn mower to the dealer or hauling those garden supplies home on your own. With a used truck, you will be comfortable hauling anything - even that load of manure - without worries about damaging a new vehicle.

Before you buy a used truck, stop and consider how you will use it, says Consumer Reports. While you may need a large truck for transporting items like firewood and heavy equipment, a smaller truck will do if you will only be transporting a few bags of fertilizer. Larger trucks typically cost more to operate because they consume more fuel. For more information about used trucks in your area, contact a local dealership.