Third Shift Workers: 3 Vehicle Features Ideal For Driving At Night

If you're a third-shift worker, it typically means that you must head to work in the pitch back on a daily basis. Naturally, this process has additional problems and pitfalls when compared to accessing your car during the day. Instead of struggling through darker situations and low-lit parking lots, you can purchase a vehicle with features catered specifically to night driving. Not only will adding these features make it easy to access and operate your vehicle, but it can increase your safety each time you drive to work. The following three features can be found on a single car, or you can choose features that are most important to you and find a vehicle with only those specific options.

Illuminated Exterior Lights

As you head out to work, it's important that you can find and get in your car in the first place. Navigating through your driveway in the dark can come with multiple hazards. Instead of bumping into your car or accessing the wrong door, you can easily get into your vehicle with illuminated exterior entry lights. When using a keyless entry system, these lights will automatically turn on as the car is unlocked. While it's common for vehicles to have interior lights that turn on when a car is unlocked, exterior lights are typically an upgraded option. The lights are positioned in key locations on the exterior of your vehicle. Exterior ground lights are pointed to the driveway so you can see where you are stepping. Door frame lights allow you to step into the vehicle without hitting the edge. Some vehicles may even feature door handle lights so you are not grasping for the handle blindly at night. These lights will automatically turn on and off each time you use them, allowing you to easily transition and use them on a daily basis.

Vehicle Emergency Buttons

Accessing your vehicle in the darkness can naturally come with some safety concerns. Help yourself  feel protected and safe by purchasing a vehicle with an emergency contact button installed inside. This button can alert local authorities when a problem has occurred. Often, these buttons will connect to a built-in phone system on the vehicle. This gives you direct contact with emergency help like dispatchers or police officers. You can talk to them through a microphone and speakerphone that utilizes the car speaker system. Some systems feature GPS technology that can alert authorities with your exact location. This makes it easy to contact help and ensure that it arrives quickly. If you're in an emergency situation where you're unable to talk or communicate then getting them the GPS location is the next best safeguard.

Automotive Night Vision

While driving to work at night, there are a number of road hazards to be concerned about. One of these hazards is large animals like deer. One way to increase your driving safety and avoid an accident on the road is by purchasing a vehicle with a night vision system built into it. A limited number of vehicle companies like Audi and Honda use these systems. An LCD screen can showcase night vision technology to detect moving objects on the road. When an animal like a deer is detected, a notification will sound and you can see the footage on the screen. This allows you to properly brake and allow the animal to leave the roadway area. If a car does not have this system built in, then you can purchase an third-party system and have it installed.

By taking the initiative with your vehicle purchase, you can make third shift driving safe and a lot easier. Asking specifically about these features will help you find a vehicle with them installed or with the upgrading options. For more information, contact a local car dealership like Performance Honda Bountiful