4 Motorcycle Trailer Features Ideal For Family Camping Trips

Family camping trips are a great time to load up dirt bikes and other vehicles that can explore trails and riding areas. As you plan the family adventure, you need to figure out an easy way to transport the vehicles and keep the trip organized. An enclosed motorcycle trailer not only provides the storage space needed for recreational vehicles, but there are four additional features that make the trailer great for family trips. While shopping for a trailer, look for these features to help make planning and executing a trip as smoothly as possible.

Drive-In & Drive-Out Trailers

When the whole family is packing all of their vehicles, it can be hassle to constantly pull them on and off the trailer. The whole process is made a lot easier by purchasing a trailer with a drive-in and drive-out system. These trailers feature two large doors on each side. This allows you to easily load up the bikes and then pull them out without having to reverse or roll them out backwards. The drive-in and drive-out system also works well when you only need to access one of the vehicles. Instead of creating a complicated swap-out puzzle, you can access the trailer from either side to retrieve the vehicle.

Pop-Out Sleepers

Add some extra sleeping space by purchasing a trailer with a pop-out sleeper built into it. Instead of bringing an extra RV or additional tents, some of the family members can sleep right inside of the motorcycle trailer. When traveling on the road, the pop-out sleeper lays flat against the side of the trailer. Once you're parked and settled at the campsite, you can easily convert the pop-out section. These sections typically include a thick mattress sleeping area and screened windows to let some natural light into the trailer. During the day, the pop-out section is a great area to hang out in and relax.

Roll-Out Awnings

While camping, you can turn the whole motorcycle trailer in the central part of your campsite. A roll-out awning can provide natural shade and a great place to unload a lot of your camping supplies. You can place a picnic table under the awning, along with a number of chairs and other camping gear. It's a great spot to socialize, plan your different rides, and create a comfortable camping experience. The roll-out awnings can be purchased in both automatic and manual designs. This gives you multiple options to choose from and can make it a lot easier to set up camp when you arrive.


A number of upgraded motorcycle trailers include modern conveniences that make them ideal for a camping trip. One of these features to look for is a galley. A galley is basically a condensed version of a kitchen. While shopping for trailers, there are numerous galley features to look for. A small stove-top or microwave provides easy ways to cook foods. When camping at a site with water hook-ups, you can have a running sink inside of the galley. Counter-top space makes it easy to prepare meals and set up plates for serving. Some trailer galleys also include small cabinets that are ideal for storing food items and cooking supplies like pans. Along with the preparation areas, some galleys may feature fold-out dining tables. When all of the vehicles are removed from the trailer, the tables can fold down and supply you with seating. The indoor seating is ideal for bad weather or nights where it's too dark to eat the meals outside.

Contact a trailer dealer at a local enclosed motorcycle trailer sale to look at all the different options that appeal to family camping trips. Some dealers can even add these custom features to a trailer design that you love.