Three Benefits Of Leasing A Vehicle Vs. Buying One

If you are looking for a new vehicle, you may want to consider leasing. While most people like the idea of ownership over an object, leasing has some significant benefits. For instance, say you want to lease a Nissan Altima. What do you know about the brand, the company, or the model of the car itself? If you are like most consumers, probably not much. By leasing the vehicle, you can learn a lot. Here are some more benefits to leasing a vehicle versus buying one.

If It Breaks Down, You Do Not Have to Pay to Fix It

One major benefit of leasing a vehicle is no car repair expenses. Since you are not buying the vehicle and claiming ownership, any and all repairs are still the responsibility of the car dealership that is leasing the vehicle to you. Any time your vehicle breaks down or has a mechanical issue, you call the dealership and they send a tow to get the vehicle or provide roadside service.

If You Do Not Like the Vehicle, You Can Return It

Most car leases allow you an "escape clause." You may have to lease the vehicle for "x" number of months, but after that, you are free to return the vehicle. Some dealerships also allow a "trial" period of about thirty or sixty days wherein you are free to drive the vehicle. If you decide that the vehicle is all wrong for you, you return it and try something else. Leasing is a good way to find a vehicle that fits you and fits your lifestyle.

All Maintenance Is Performed by the Dealership for Free

Just as any car repairs are done by the dealership for free, so is the maintenance. The dealership operates under the assumption that you will be giving the vehicle back at the end of your lease, rather than buying it outright. As such, it attempts to keep all of the car's regular maintenance, including oil changes and fluid top-offs, up to date. In doing so, the dealership can take the vehicle you release back to them and sell it in nearly mint condition to another consumer. On the flip side, if you decide you want to make the balloon payment on the far end of your lease and keep the vehicle, then all of the maintenance performed gives you a vehicle that will run well for a long time to come.

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