Get More When Buying A Car From A Dealer By Looking For Certain Incentives

Cars do not run forever without extensive maintenance. At some point, you will have to replace the entire engine, transmission system, and all other essential parts to maintain an operational vehicle. This is why it makes sense to go car shopping when your current car is on its last leg without huge repair costs. While you will be expected to walk out of a dealership with a car to drive home in, you should not forget to look into the incentives that are provided by certain places to attract customers and encourage business.


Standard services such as oil changes and tire rotations are things that you can get done at any mechanic. But, some dealerships do not just sell cars, but also work on them as well. This is an excellent opportunity for you because you may be able to get complimentary service for a period of several years. As long as you live close to the dealership, it will not be inconvenient to visit it to get work done on your vehicle. It is best to look at the fine print with this offering to know exactly what counts for free service.


Many dealerships are confident in the cars that they sell. They check the condition of each vehicle in a meticulous manner to make sure that no one drives away in a poorly maintained car. This is one of the reasons that places will offer warranties on their used vehicles for a certain amount of time or until a certain number of miles are passed. If the car ends up having problems and the warranty has not been voided, then you can take the vehicle in and have it brought to running condition without a charge. This will give you peace of mind and is well worth looking for when looking around at dealerships.

Rental Car

Whether the dealership is offering free service or warranty coverage, they may also top this off with a complimentary rental car for as long as your car is being serviced. This means you do not have to worry about buying this coverage from your insurance provider, which will save you a bit of money. It also means that you do not have to get assistance with transportation when taking your car in to get worked on.

Looking for dealerships like with some or all these offerings will make you feel better about buying a car.