Three Reasons Pre-Owned Certified Cars Make Sense for Your Next Vehicle

When you purchase your next vehicle, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned certified vehicle. A pre-owned certified vehicle is not just any old used car; it is a car that is certified by the original dealership that the vehicle came from and meets specific safety and quality standards.

You Get a Warranty with the Vehicle

When you purchase a regular used car, you may not end up with a warranty or you may end up with a really limited warranty, such as one that only covers the drivetrain of the vehicle. These are usually third-party warranty programs that used car dealerships offer.

When you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle, you are getting a warranty backed by the actual manufacturer of the car. You generally get a short-term bumper to bumper warranty that may last for at least a year, perhaps a couple of years. You generally also get a longer-warranty set to a specific mileage or number of years for powertrain coverage. The exact warranty varies from one manufacturer to the next, but you'll get a high-quality warranty coverage with a pre-owned certified used car.

You Get a High-Quality Vehicle

Not just any used vehicle can earn a pre-owned certification sticker. The vehicle generally has to be inspected by mechanics at the dealership that the vehicle is from, and it has to meet specific quality standards.

Pre-owned certified vehicles should function as like-new vehicles that only have a little mileage on them. They are some of the highest quality and best used vehicles that you can get on the market.

You Get to Save Money

Another reason to go with a pre-owned certified vehicle is that you are going to save a lot of money. You are getting to drive away with a like-new vehicle without paying the price for a brand new vehicle. Brand-new vehicles lose value as soon as they are driven off the lot, and they lose value the fastest during the first few years. You are getting to enjoy all the features of a new car, without paying the full cost of a new vehicle.

With a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can purchase a newer used vehicle that meets manufacturer safety and quality standards, and comes with a manufacturer warranty to back it up. With certified pre-owned dealers, you purchase the vehicle directly from the manufacture, just like you would with a new vehicle. This is a great way to get the best possible vehicle for your money.