Tips To Help You Find A Car For A Graduation Gift

Do you have a teen getting ready to graduate from high school this year? Graduation is a huge milestone and it must be celebrated. If you're looking for the gift that'll make your teen happy and help them begin their next chapter in life, it's time to take a trip to the car dealership. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you choose the perfect car to present as the gift that will keep on giving.

Safety Features

The most important element to consider is the safety of the vehicle. Before you even begin searching for the new or used car of your teen's dreams, take some time to do some research on the safety of different makes and models. You'll surely find information that'll tell you the least safe vehicles and the safest – it's a great starting point.

Gas Mileage

If your teen is headed off to college, remember that money will likely be pretty tight. Look for a vehicle that gets great gas mileage. Avoid the large SUVs and trucks that will suck down your kid's gas budget in a week. Many of the smaller cars get great gas mileage and if you look for a hybrid, the mileage just gets better.


Will you be paying for your teen's auto insurance? No matter who is covering the cost, surely you don't want to pay a few hundred dollars a month to insure the car. Avoid luxury cars, sport cars, and convertibles. These will cost much more to insure than your standard coupe or sedan, like a new or used Honda.

Cost of Repairs and Maintenance

When you think that you've found a potential car, stop and look up the prices for the maintenance parts that will need to be replaced often. Look up brakes and rotors, all of the filters, and the tire prices. These are going to be the most commonly replaced items and if they're too expensive to replace, then it's probably best to move on to another vehicle.


If the vehicle doesn't come with any kind of warranty, you'll have to decide if it's worth finding and buying warranty protection for it. In some cases, the extra expense isn't worth it, but if the vehicle is newer and comes at a fairly great cost, the warranty can help to protect you and your teen from complete loss if the motor or transmission go bad.

Take your time and find the perfect graduation gift for your teen. He or she is going to love it no matter what you gift, but you'll love it even more knowing that it won't break the bank to buy, insure, or maintain it.