3 Tips To Help You Find Your New SUV

You know you want or need to buy a new vehicle, and you know that you want an SUV, but that only narrows down the long list of options a little bit. Here, you'll find a few elements to consider as you search for the perfect SUV for your personal or business needs.

Passenger Count

The very first decision you need to make is how many passengers you plan to haul in your SUV. If you're planning to haul more than 4 full-size adults, you'll likely want to opt for the SUV options with the third-row seating.

If you're growing your family right now and more kids are likely, think about where you'll put all of the kids and the stuff that they'll need during family outings. Will you be needing the third-row seat in the next five or so years? If so, it might be best to go ahead and upgrade now.

Road Conditions

Do you have any trouble getting around when the road conditions aren't great? In some areas, 4-wheel drive is an absolute must if you plan to get anywhere during the winter, but in other areas, it's just an option that most people don't utilize all year long.

Think about the road conditions when and where you typically drive. Is 4-wheel drive an option that you'll really need?

All-wheel drive is another option. It's much like the 4-wheel drive feature, but the all-wheel drive is in constant use whereas 4-wheel drive is a button. So, if you're driving up a hill and your front right tire begins to lose grip, the other three tires will work together to even out the loss of traction and help you keep control.

The most affordable option is usually the 2-wheel drive packages. They cost less because they don't have the expensive control options that the others do. If the weather is pretty fair where you live, you could save a bundle just by downgrading to a 2-wheel drive SUV.

Ease of Access

Some SUVs are very high off the ground. Before you decide on any type of SUV, make sure that you'll easily be able to get in and out of it and that you'll be able to hoist any packages or luggage into it without hurting yourself.

Note: If it's too much of a struggle to get up in the SUV, you can find them with side-steps built onto them, or you can buy aftermarket side-steps to install and give yourself the extra leg up.

Take your time — this is a big investment and if you make the right choice, you'll be happy with whatever SUV you end up with.

For more information, contact a company that sells cars like Ford SUVs.