Inspection Tips For Shopping For Used Lifted Trucks

Although most car owners know what to look for when shopping for a traditional used car or truck, shopping for a lifted truck requires a bit different approach. Lifting the suspension alters not only the center of gravity but also the steering components, the base geometry of the suspension and the handling of the truck. Before you buy a used lifted truck, you need to understand the key things to look for.

Is It Possible To Get Approved For Auto Financing While Unemployed?

Unemployment in the US was around 4.7 percent in May 2016. Many people looking for steady work struggle to find or maintain employment because they don't have reliable transportation. If you're in this situation, you may be wondering if it's possible to qualify for auto financing so you can get a dependable vehicle to help you find a job. Yes, you can get approved for a loan. Here's what you have to do.

4 Motorcycle Trailer Features Ideal For Family Camping Trips

Family camping trips are a great time to load up dirt bikes and other vehicles that can explore trails and riding areas. As you plan the family adventure, you need to figure out an easy way to transport the vehicles and keep the trip organized. An enclosed motorcycle trailer not only provides the storage space needed for recreational vehicles, but there are four additional features that make the trailer great for family trips.

Third Shift Workers: 3 Vehicle Features Ideal For Driving At Night

If you're a third-shift worker, it typically means that you must head to work in the pitch back on a daily basis. Naturally, this process has additional problems and pitfalls when compared to accessing your car during the day. Instead of struggling through darker situations and low-lit parking lots, you can purchase a vehicle with features catered specifically to night driving. Not only will adding these features make it easy to access and operate your vehicle, but it can increase your safety each time you drive to work.

Five Reasons You Need A Used Truck For Rural Living

Many people opt for used vehicles to avoid the expense of lengthy payments, but there are other reasons to buy a used truck that have nothing to do with money. If you live in rural America, you probably already know that there are many tasks that require a truck, but pose some risks to damaging a new vehicle.  Buying a used truck for those taxing tasks means you have a truck available when you need it, without needing to worry about a few bumps and scratches.